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Teach with Allschool: Apply Now and Teach Online

allschool esl teaching online teachers online teaching companies May 17, 2022


What is Allschool?

Allschool is a marketplace where teachers can list their classes. You can teach kids ages 3-18, and pretty much any subject.


Allschool was founded in Singapore, and started offering classes to students in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia, but is currently expanding (and doing a TON of marketing!) to students in the US and Canada.



English speaker US, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Australia (do not have to live here, but have to be eligible to work in these areas)

Experience teaching kids



You will set the rates for your classes. Allschool will take 10-15% of your earnings, and will advertise your classes for you! You are paid on Tuesdays through bank transfer or PayPal. 




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