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How Online Teachers are Helping Kids in Ukraine

How Online Teachers are Helping Kids in Ukraine

ukraine volunteer teacher project Apr 07, 2022

When Brenda Brooks, an online teacher living in Bulgaria, saw a call for help from Ukraine, she knew she had to do something. So many of us sit watching the news, wishing we could help, and Brenda was able to do just this. 

Within a few short months, she was able to gather together a team of over 700 volunteer teachers. These teachers have joined together in the Ukraine Volunteer Teachers project. These teachers donate their time and expertise as online teachers, providing love, hope, and support to children. Some of these children are refugees, and others are in the war zone. 

If you would like to volunteer for this project, you can join their Facebook group. They are actively seeking new teachers to join. As they grow, they are able to touch the lives of more children living in these devastating circumstances. 

If you're not a teacher, how can you help? 

Check out their YouTube channel and follow them on Instagram

Share this post on your social media. 

If you create curriculum, slides, books, or anything else, you can donate to the project for teachers to use in their classroom. 

If you have any other ideas to help, please reach out and let them know how you'd wish to help!


Check out the interview we did today on YouTube with some of the leaders of the volunteer project!


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