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Finding ESL Curriculum for Online Teachers that is Fair Use Law friendly

Finding Curriculum for Online Classes

curriculum esl teaching online teachers online teaching tools Apr 07, 2022


For many teachers ready to take their classes online, either independent or through a marketplace, finding curriculum is a HARD thing to do. 

Today, I'm going to talk to you about the Fair Use Law, as well as the different curriculum options that I have found. 

Check out this video I made about it!

In the United States, there is a law called the Fair Use Law. It's complicated, but in most cases, using material without permission can lead to a lawsuit from the creators of the curriculum should they choose to pursue it. 

For this reason, many teachers have been searching for online curriculum options so that they can continue teaching (without the hassle of creating). 

Here are some of the resources that teachers are talking about!



Cost: Varies by country ($5/month in the US)

Free version: Yes, there is a free version with 100k+ materials available

Ages: At the moment, the curriculum is created for birth to 18. Adult-specific curriculum is not included, but much of the content is geared towards all learners.

Perks: They have the permission from some well known characters, such as Harry Potter and Peppa Pig.  They also have a submission page in which you can request specific curriculum be made (at no additional charge).

In addition, they've also sent me some freebies to share with my viewers!

Teacher Promo Pack

Leveling Test (series of games for ESL new students)

One free lesson

They have a Facebook group for their Twinkl users as well!

Check out the Live YouTube Q&A with Twinkl here


Crystal Clear ESL:

Cost:$5.99-15.99/month (there are different package options, depending on your needs). 

Free version: There is a free 2 week trial available.

Ages: All ages, including business English

Perks: These lessons are set up like what you would be used to in companies such as VIPKID and Palfish, where they are slides. Teachers have been raving about Crystal Clear. 


Check out the Live YouTube Q&A with Crystal Clear here


Abridge Academy:

Cost: £5.99-6.99/month

Free version: Yes, there is a free version with select lessons and materials. 

Ages: 3-14 years old

Perks: With the Ultimate package, there are niche-related curriculum packages. They also allow for the interactive style that you might be used to from working with companies such as VIPKID and Palfish!

Check out the Live Q&A with Abridge Academy here


Teachers Pay Teachers:

Cost: This is a marketplace, and each item or bundle is priced by the seller. Cost Varies.

Free version: There are many freebies on TPT that you can download.

Ages: All ages

Perks: My favorite items from TPT were always games and escape rooms! Just make sure each seller allows their materials to be used in for-profit situations, as many do not.

Interested in creating for TPT? Check out this video


Koala Go:

Cost: Curriculum price varies (at the time of this posting, only free is on the marketplace)

Free version: Yes! There is a huge selection of free material.

Perks: Koala Go is actually known for their Zoom-like platform. In addition to curriculum, you can also host your classes on here easily, and they have an amazing rewards system! Their curriculum includes some from Abridge Academy and other well-known creators. They have a variety of subjects (not just English)!

Check out the Q&A with Koala Go founders here!

ESL Pals:

Cost: Varies. $79 for lifetime access

Free version: Select lessons are available for free

Ages: All ages

Perks: Many teachers have found this to be useful when they are teaching adult learners or business English. (I have heard from some teachers that they didn't have enough for kids, or it wasn't as kid friendly as they hoped it would be)

I have reached out to these creators for a YouTube show and tell! Stay tuned!

Teachers Together English:

Cost: $12.99/month subscription or $17.99 for one month

Free version: No

Ages: Will confirm, but these appear to be for children. 

Perks: These are set by levels (much what like you're used to with VIPKID, Palfish, etc).

I have reached out to these creators for a YouTube show and tell! Stay tuned!


ESL Teachers Hub:

Cost: $9.99-14.99/month

Free version: No 

⚠️ Warning: It appears as if all of the material on this page is stolen material. It is NOT recommended to use stolen material, as these can seriously jeopardize your business, especially in the event of a lawsuit. For this reason, I do not recommend this website for your online ESL curriculum needs. 

Check out this video about ESL Teachers Hub here

Did I miss any curriculum providers? If so, please email me at [email protected] and I will add them!

If you are a curriculum creator, and would like to show my YouTube viewers your stuff, send me an email and we can set up a time to go live!



If curriculum isn't the only struggle you have going independent, and you want some help, send me a message via email [email protected] and I'll see how I can help!

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