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Get hired teaching online in South Africa

Online Teaching Jobs for the South African

esl teaching online teachers Apr 13, 2022

For many teachers living in South Africa, finding online teaching companies that will hire teachers at a fair rate is difficult. 

I'm going to go over a few different companies that DO hire teachers living in South Africa.  Make sure you check out the video at the end of this post, too!


 Native Camp:

Native Camp no longer hires teachers from South Africa as of April 12, 2022. I will update this if this changes. 


MyCoolClass operates as a teacher-owned co-op. Each teacher becomes part owner in the company. You set your own rates and create your own lessons. MyCoolClass takes a 19% commission of your earnings, which is then used for advertising, growing the company, and paid days off (which you can cash in later).  At the end of the fiscal year, instead of a CEO making bank,  teachers will get paid back money. There is a small fee to join MyCoolClass, and it varies depending on where you live. They will hire all teachers from all nationalities and countries. 

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All Right

All Right hires teachers from all nationalities and countries. For a professional teacher, they state they pay up to $12/hour. All Right provides the curriculum, and you will be teaching children ages 3 and up.

Apply Here 


To work for Cambly, you don't need a degree or certification. You're paid by the minute. For Cambly, you will make 17 cents per minute ($10.20/hr), and for Cambly Kids you will make 20 cents per minute ($12/hr). You're paid via PayPal each Monday. There are no minimum hours, and the times you teach can be very flexible. 

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Amazing Talker 

For Amazing Talker, you choose what your rates are. Full lessons will be 50 minutes, and trial lessons will be 25 minutes. You decide what your prices are for each type of lesson. There are no minimum hours to commit to, and you create your own schedule. Amazing Talker will match you with a student, and then you can message the student to set up lessons. 

Amazing Talker does not provide lesson materials. Teachers are paid on a monthly basis, and Amazing Talker takes a commission between 0-30% (depending on your monthly income. Teachers making over $3,000 a month are not charged the service fee). 

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italki hires both professional teachers and community tutors. You will be hired as one or the other, based on your credentials. A professional teacher will need to have a certification, a degree in teaching English as a second language, or a teaching license. Professional teachers generally make more, but you will set your own rates on the platform. italki does not charge a commission for a trial lesson, but each subsequent lesson, they will take 15%. They pay using PayPal, Payoneer, and Hyperwallet. 

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Preply is a marketplace for teachers. You will set your own rates with Preply, and they take a commission of 18-33%, depending on your income (higher income=lower commission rate). The exception to this rule is that for each new student, Preply takes 100% of your income for the first lesson. 

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Novakid teachers will teach children ages 4-12 from around the world. There is a minimum number of weekly teaching hours required--Novakid requires 20 hours per week. You can be paid whenever you want to (request a payout from the portal, you are paid via PayPal). Pay for teachers from South Africa is generally $5-6/hour. 

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Teachers from South Africa generally make about $5 per class. You'll be teaching kids from around the world, but generally in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Engoo provides the teaching materials.

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Awaketh is very much like Outschool. You choose your rates, the classes, and the ages of the students that you want to teach. Awaketh takes 30%, and will pay you on the 15th and the 28th of each month.  They hire teachers everywhere, and are not ESL focused. You can teach anything that you want to on the platform. 

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See the full list of online teaching jobs here

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